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Yoshi Kawasaki

Hey my friends! I am Yoshi Kawasaki, Japanese XXX adult entertainer, porn Director, and as you all know a cock-hungry whore.

Born in Japan, from a young age I had a big interest in fetish, reading erotic mangas mainly by Gengoroh Tagame. Once I started watching porn, my dream was to become a porn actor. That is when I started developing the fantasy of being used and abused by men as if I am just a piece of meat.

In 2011, I went to live abroad for the first time. My first stop was in Redondo Beach, California in the United States. There, while I studied English, I also studied the taste of men of other races.

In 2013, I moved to London, England, where I had my debut in porn with UKHotJocks! At the same time as I started exploring the porn world, I also started exploring the world of fetish in person.

During my explorations, I also discovered PrEP and PeP. Once I discovered the taste of bareback, I knew there was no turning back for me. And now I can say I’m a proud cumdump!

I am thrilled that I am now both in front and behind the camera, to not only make all my own sexual fantasies come to life, but also to please all of my fans in new and unexpected ways.

This is Yoshi Kawasaki XXX! Please join me on my erotic journeys through the land of the rising sun and beyond!

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lilfish on 16 Jul 20 Super hot model!!
skyking on 04 Aug 20 You are a true slut and whore. Love to watch your videos and dream about fisting you and sucking your cock. Love the eyes.
Blardimmy99 on 29 Aug 21 yoshi i love your bare feet too when you point your toes .also your beautiful mouth perfect teeth and red lips i would love to taste your spit.
Martinb70 on 29 Nov 23 Absolutely amazing