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Raw Soy Milk

18 Sep 20
Puck Williams is always hungry for dicks. Hiroya rough fucks Puck’s brains out, and give the slut his milk into an insatiable boy pussy.

Orgasmic Salad

11 Sep 20
One beautiful summer day in Tokyo, Yoshi is enjoying a picnic with freshly-bought organic dildos and all natural lube.

Ep.3 "Sharp"

04 Sep 20
Even during the lockdown, everyone needs a haircut. Yoshi shaves every inch of Axel's body hair. Using shaving cream and mixed with lube, Yoshi starts fisting the hairless cunt deeper and deeper...This is the third episode of 'Lockdown', a new series co-produced by Axel Abysse.


28 Aug 20
2 Japanese mistresses Hinako and Kinako get their puppets Yoshi and Axel tied and ready. Shibari, wax, impact play, fisting…A Japanese tale where where tradition meets debauchery and pain grows into delight.

Who Let the Pigs Out Pt.1

28 Aug 20
2 lustful pigs out in the wild. Piss, Sweat, sperm…They feed on anything.

Ep.2 "Everyday"

21 Aug 20
First day stucked at home. Yoshi starts with chores... plugged. Axel wakes up late as always, ready to stuff some holes. Sounding, deepthroating, cunt smashing... So shall begin their quarantine life. This is the second episode of 'Lockdown', a new series co-produced by Axel Abysse.


07 Aug 20
Yusaku has a split tongue, a pierced dick, also, an obedient pet. He never forgets train his pet what purpose it has.

Ep.1 "Careless"

24 Jul 20
An evening in the urinals... Axel and Yoshi trash and wreck each other at Haaard, Tokyo’s sleaziest cruising club. They won’t go home until total exhaustion, not knowing what would happen to them after... This is the first episode of 'Lockdown', a new series co-produced with Axel Abysse.

Cums & Goes

17 Jul 20
When Ryuji Suzuki gets horny, he just messages one of his obedient bitches. This time, he chose a slutty pussyboy, Yoshi Kawasaki. Ryuji wrecks Yoshi's sloppy cunt with his dick and fist.

Generous Donation

10 Jul 20
This sperm bank is open 24/7. He takes any amount of donation day or night. One summer night, he got loaded by 5 guys, but his hungry hole was not satisfied.

IG Story

03 Jul 20
In the age of social media, when horny boys were left alone their clubhouse after a hard practice, what do they do? Of course they start what they are up to.