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In The Cock Loft

07 Jul 23
Clad in a spandex catsuit, horned-up Yoshi plays with himself in an abandoned attic. Two top fuckers, Fetish Dom Berlin and ItalianXLFF, stride in to begin teasing Yoshi. Kneeling down, he chokes on their oversized fucktools. Their dicks are slick and wet, covered in Yoshi's saliva. The cockstarved bottom gets spitroasted, wedged between Fetish...


18 May 23
Bronzed. built and hung like a beast, clean-cut Asian bull Tantan Evan has found just what he's looking for in submissive Japanese whore Yoshi Kawasaki. Starting slow with passionate kisses, it doesn't take long for Yoshi to warm up and begin worshipping Tantan's big thick tool. The tough top pushes Yoshi down to the couch and rams into his...

Muscle Relaxants Pt.2

07 Apr 23
Yoshi gets a two-man "happy ending" to his muscle relaxer massage as Felipe continues. José Quevedo steps in to feed Yoshi his stiff cock, while Felipe eats out his ravenous ass. When Yoshi's sphincter relaxes, José pounds him from the front and behind. Now it's Felipe's turn to ram into that well-fucked hole. He breeds his wad deep inside....


17 Mar 23
Yoshi's making out with muscleman Reach, both in shiny black latex full-length gloves and knee-high socks. Their socks and gloves are oiled-up and give off a glossy luster. Two horny rubber pigs get off on feeling each others' bodies through the slick latex gear. Yoshi sucks Reach's thick nipples and then his swollen cock, deep throating the long...


24 Feb 23
Yoshi's powerful sex drive is just out of control. When he isn't obsessed with cruising online apps, he's inviting any and all dicks he can find to fuck him and squirt their sperm deep inside. If they aren't using his hole as a human flashlight to get off, they're using his toys to wreck his cockstarved pussy. Dick after dick, Yoshi's hunger...

Open Invitation

10 Feb 23
A swarthy, sexy Brazilian stud, John Brachalli, steps into Yoshi’s room, confidently flipping the "Do not disturb" sign. Yoshi welcomes him on the bed, all fours and ass up. John wastes no time, drilling his tongue into Yoshi’s hungry ass. Plowing in raw, he pounds that hole with his big dick until Yoshi’s juicy hole loosens up. He slides...

Analog vol.5: rehabilitation

27 Jan 23
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 5 January 27th, 2023 The subject is at home. A rectal injury in July 2022 precluded any play with his ever-hungry hole. Finally fully healed, his libido is greedy as ever. He tears up his tracksuit pants to reveal his hairless pussy. With an abundance of care, he begins play with his smallest dildo. Less massive than...

Face Melter

09 Dec 22
With Erebo chilling in his easy chair, Yoshi's on his knees on the floor, wondering how best to please the hot bearded stud. He rocks forward to give Erebo a sweet kiss, but we know this is not where this story ends. Yoshi nuzzles his buddy's swelling crotch, pulls the big uncut dick out of his shorts and begins sucking. Erebo obliges and yanks...
Give Me Your DNA

Give Me Your DNA

02 Dec 22

Midas Touch

04 Nov 22
Yoshi and Keita gild each others' hot bodies in shimmering gold paint in this wet, messy scene. Beginning slowly and softly, they kiss, caress, tweak each others' nipples and slide down to suck cocks. Once they're gilded from head to toe, Keita makes the first move, fucking Yoshi's golden pussy vigorously from every angle, standing and sitting....