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Crushed III

27 Oct 23
The fucksome foursome, aFFon, Axel, Land and Yoshi, take their uninhibited, perverse action literally to the next level when aFFON and Lang turn the tables to punch the holes of Axel and Yoshi on the staircase. Using both arms, aFFON fists the two horny pigs in chariot stance. And in a scorching hot fisting line, all four fuckers stand one after...

Drainage Excavation

20 Oct 23
Wataru’s quite new to the fisting scene, but anxious to experience it. Blindfolded with legs spread wide, he waits nervously to lose his fisting bottom virginity. Yoshi steps out of the dark, teasing Wataru by licking his entire body. Wataru's body trembles each time Yoshi’s tongue unexpectedly slides across a new erogenous zone. Wataru warmed...

Crushed II

06 Oct 23
In the second episode of our epic gangfuck foursome, Lang and aFFon lounge seductively naked, sprawled across the empty bar counter. Axel and Yoshi are fired up for another round of sex and fisting group action. They move in to kiss and fondle the masked fetish fuckers, master and pup, till they're raring for their holes to get filled. Axel jacks...


11 Aug 23
Yoshi is cruising in a lush grove adjacent to the sand dunes when he spots hot fucker Kody McCree who is hungry for a hookup. Alive with the sound of chirping birds, it's a perfect place for horned-up men to meet and mate. When they find each other, there's no wasting time. They kiss passionately, then Kody moves down to lick Yoshi's plump...

In The Cock Loft

07 Jul 23
Clad in a spandex catsuit, horned-up Yoshi plays with himself in an abandoned attic. Two top fuckers, Fetish Dom Berlin and ItalianXLFF, stride in to begin teasing Yoshi. Kneeling down, he chokes on their oversized fucktools. Their dicks are slick and wet, covered in Yoshi's saliva. The cockstarved bottom gets spitroasted, wedged between Fetish...

Analog vol.7: Diversion

26 May 23
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 7 26th May 2023 Subject is busying himself in his quarters, editing a video to display his deviant sexual behavior for a large viewing audience. He attempts to focus but watching himself in the video leads him to recall his anus pounded out and fisted wide open. The stimulus agitates his libido and precludes...


12 May 23

Analog vol.6: Gush

24 Mar 23
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 6 March 24th 2023 Subject makes preparations to take a shower, in advance of a sexual hookup. He begins by douching his anus, making sure his fuck hole is flushed with water and clean. As he douches and pisses himself, his sex drive takes over. Taking the camera and splashing douche water from his anus, he proudly...


17 Mar 23
Yoshi's making out with muscleman Reach, both in shiny black latex full-length gloves and knee-high socks. Their socks and gloves are oiled-up and give off a glossy luster. Two horny rubber pigs get off on feeling each others' bodies through the slick latex gear. Yoshi sucks Reach's thick nipples and then his swollen cock, deep throating the long...