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17 May 24
Macho muscleman and merciless fucker Viktor Rom and insatiable Yoshi meet and mate during Darklands. Thirsty Yoshi slips down to deep throat Viktor’s thick meaty cock. Viktor picks him up, spanks Yoshi’s peachy ass like tenderizing a prime steak. He sets Yoshi down on all fours to fuck him from behind. The muscle stud's hard thrusts make Yoshi...

Analog vol.8: Remote

24 Nov 23
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 8 November 24th 2023 The resting subject has his cubicle mat covered with various dildos and sex toys, and is guided by an online master to direct all his activities. The master is assigned the task of training the subject's insatiable hole. Obedient, the subject fucks himself with the toys purposefully, eager to obey...

In The Cock Loft

07 Jul 23
Clad in a spandex catsuit, horned-up Yoshi plays with himself in an abandoned attic. Two top fuckers, Fetish Dom Berlin and ItalianXLFF, stride in to begin teasing Yoshi. Kneeling down, he chokes on their oversized fucktools. Their dicks are slick and wet, covered in Yoshi's saliva. The cockstarved bottom gets spitroasted, wedged between Fetish...


30 Jun 23
Yoshi's blindfolded, tied and immobilized with ropes around his legs and dick. Recently fucked and bred, the cum still leaks out of his loose hole. Now that the top is satisfied for the moment, he lets Yoshi touch his own dick to jerk off. The cumdump bottom is already hard. The top insults him and stuffs a pair of dirty underwear into his lowly...