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Kinbaku -Torment-

14 Apr 23
Shibari master Encho prepares the ropes for Ricky, his next prey. Ricky's a tattooed Japanese muscle stud clad in a simple black thong. First his arms are bound, tied behind his back. His muscular pecs are tightly bound and held down. Trying to maintain a blank expression, Ricky's inner anxiety shows through the bravado, he worries what's about to...

Kinbaku -Moan-

03 Feb 23
Model Keita has enjoyed being bound up in ropes before. But this time's a challenge. With shibari master Encho the one tying him up, Keita's a little nervous. His breath grows faster. Encho's inherent sadism takes over as he begins to revel in his shibari specimen's anxious panting. Once he has Keita suspended in the air, Encho controls his sub's...

Kinbaku -Creak-

25 Nov 22
Shibari master Encho binds up Yo-ichi in coils and knots of firm hemp rope. As he goes about his work, the scratching of the hemp strands and the creaking of the beam above echo through the room with an eerie majesty. Yo-ichi hangs in mid-air, suspended, moaning in helpless immobile pleasure. Intrigued by Yo-ichi's firm plump ass, Encho spanks him...

Just FORFUN Pt. 2

15 Jul 22
Tied up and hanging suspended in mid-air, clad in a tight rubber bodysuit that leaves his beautiful ass open and defenseless, Yoshi and his merciless master continue the fun they started in Bangkok's notorious red room. Yoshi's orifice gets reamed with dildos small and large and even larger, then the Master's chunky fist. Ever ready and...