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Spit Roast

Mating Season

13 Jan 23
Pigs are in estrus all year long. For sex pigs, it's always mating season. Yoshi and Viktor Rom find each other in Barcelona’s famous fetish club 'Berlin Dark'. As they're just about to get into the action, Rob Montana approaches. The 2 horny tops decide then and there to tagteam the the little Asian piggy. Rob prepares Yoshi’s hole by...
Give Me Your DNA

Give Me Your DNA

02 Dec 22

Peaches and Cream

02 Sep 22
Yoshi's ravenous ass is starving for cock, and this time one is not nearly enough. Four of his favorite tops show up to fuck him into ecstasy. Joel, Lawrence, Keita and Hiroya each give it their very best shot, raw ramming his hole for hours on end. As day stretches into night, Yoshi takes stiff cocks into his butthole like the fuckhungry pro he...


12 Aug 22
Yoshi's insatiable hunger for sex is a superpower that never misses its mark. Even in the clear skies and relentless sun of a day in Spain, his cockhungry hole leads him to the dark and dirty action he craves. Stepping into the renowned "Sauna Sitges" he zeroes in on two muscular hunks, Alex Tikas and Greg Hollywood, eager to plug his holes from...