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26 Apr 24
Yoshi and his cameraman sneak around to find a vacant room in a nearby apartment. The door is unlocked so they enter the room, hoping there’s no one in there. Inside, the big window faces a backstreet. Yoshi’s dick is already rock hard from this bit of forbidden activity, he knows what he wants to do there. He rubs his stiff cock as it swells...
Hard Workout

Hard Workout

12 Apr 24

Analog vol.10: Drizzle

29 Mar 24
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 10 March 29th 2024 Subject is relocated to a new location under the guise of a work assignment, to gauge his reactions and behavior. Once there, his hungry hole is already heavily worked out from being rammed, but still needs something to fill the vacant space. Subject seems to enjoy the empty feeling in his abdomen...

Boiler Room

23 Feb 24
Hunky hairy Japanese lad Rio douches his hole in a glass shower, his dick hard as steel. He reaches down and beats his rock hard meat, twists his nips, then lubes up a dildo to stick into his clean fresh asshole. Squatting down, he impales himself on the thick toy. His hand moving the dildo faster, he lets out a moan that echoes across the shower...

Analog vol.9: Cardio

26 Jan 24
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 9 January 26, 2024 Subject returns to his quarters after a moderate resistance and cardio workout. In the exercise room he carried out his assigned routine, but simultaneously used the time to satisfy his insatiable urges. The evidence is visible as we observe a chunky buttplug protruding from subject's anus. He moans...


29 Dec 23
When Yoshi's ravenous hole wants sex, it doesn't matter whether his dick can even keep up. In a room surrounded by a tempting array of toys and huge dildos, he's ready to get busy. The blue dildo he picks out first, so gigantic he can't even fit it into his dick-sucking mouth. He wants it in his pussy, though his dick is flaccid and limp. That...

Analog vol.8: Remote

24 Nov 23
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 8 November 24th 2023 The resting subject has his cubicle mat covered with various dildos and sex toys, and is guided by an online master to direct all his activities. The master is assigned the task of training the subject's insatiable hole. Obedient, the subject fucks himself with the toys purposefully, eager to obey...