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Analog vol.7: Diversion

26 May 23
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 7 26th May 2023 Subject is busying himself in his quarters, editing a video to display his deviant sexual behavior for a large viewing audience. He attempts to focus but watching himself in the video leads him to recall his anus pounded out and fisted wide open. The stimulus agitates his libido and precludes...


12 May 23

Meat Tenderiser

28 Apr 23
Yoshi and his ravenous ass are alone in a room with a fuck machine. Seeing a dildo, he sucks and deepthroats it to get it spit-lubed and ready to fill his hungry hole. He turns on the machine, starting slowly to feel every vein and ridge in the big dildo. As he enjoys its deep penetration, he turns up the speed to plow his ass harder and faster....

Analog vol.6: Gush

24 Mar 23
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 6 March 24th 2023 Subject makes preparations to take a shower, in advance of a sexual hookup. He begins by douching his anus, making sure his fuck hole is flushed with water and clean. As he douches and pisses himself, his sex drive takes over. Taking the camera and splashing douche water from his anus, he proudly...


24 Feb 23
Yoshi's powerful sex drive is just out of control. When he isn't obsessed with cruising online apps, he's inviting any and all dicks he can find to fuck him and squirt their sperm deep inside. If they aren't using his hole as a human flashlight to get off, they're using his toys to wreck his cockstarved pussy. Dick after dick, Yoshi's hunger...

Analog vol.5: rehabilitation

27 Jan 23
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 5 January 27th, 2023 The subject is at home. A rectal injury in July 2022 precluded any play with his ever-hungry hole. Finally fully healed, his libido is greedy as ever. He tears up his tracksuit pants to reveal his hairless pussy. With an abundance of care, he begins play with his smallest dildo. Less massive than...
Suits Train Wank

Suits Train Wank

21 Oct 22