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Analog vol.8: Remote

24 Nov 23
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 8 November 24th 2023 The resting subject has his cubicle mat covered with various dildos and sex toys, and is guided by an online master to direct all his activities. The master is assigned the task of training the subject's insatiable hole. Obedient, the subject fucks himself with the toys purposefully, eager to obey...

Zentai Hentai

29 Sep 23
Hentai is a term meaning extreme or "way-out sex, and has come to be identified with anime. And zentai is a skintight bodysuit that would certainly suit playing around with your extreme sexual desires and drives. The horny zentai-clad Kenta, bathed in pink light, lies back surrounded by a wonderland of anal sex toys to please all his hot desires....

Afternoon Delight

18 Aug 23
Hunky Japanese muscle daddy Shusaku is alone and horned up in his apartment. But with a hungry hole and a collection of oversized anal toys, you're never really alone. And he has all the time in the world to please his fuckhungry ache. One by one, the big plugs and dildos plow in as Shusaku sits on them or slides them in to destroy his hole. The...
Train Flasher

Train Flasher

04 Aug 23

Great Stuff

28 Jul 23
Yoshi's alone with an array of toys from Crackstuffers. Worshipping them one by one, he imagines each one destroying his voracious hole. He lubes the toys, gagging on them, drenching them in spit. Starting out, he rides on a long knotted dildo. Each knot his ass swallows stimulates a new and different part of his hungry pussy. Yoshi growls and...

Analog vol.7: Diversion

26 May 23
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 7 26th May 2023 Subject is busying himself in his quarters, editing a video to display his deviant sexual behavior for a large viewing audience. He attempts to focus but watching himself in the video leads him to recall his anus pounded out and fisted wide open. The stimulus agitates his libido and precludes...