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30 Jun 23
Yoshi's blindfolded, tied and immobilized with ropes around his legs and dick. Recently fucked and bred, the cum still leaks out of his loose hole. Now that the top is satisfied for the moment, he lets Yoshi touch his own dick to jerk off. The cumdump bottom is already hard. The top insults him and stuffs a pair of dirty underwear into his lowly...
Thick Dick Worship

Thick Dick Worship

23 Jun 23
I Love You, Daddy

I Love You, Daddy

31 Mar 23

Analog vol.6: Gush

24 Mar 23
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 6 March 24th 2023 Subject makes preparations to take a shower, in advance of a sexual hookup. He begins by douching his anus, making sure his fuck hole is flushed with water and clean. As he douches and pisses himself, his sex drive takes over. Taking the camera and splashing douche water from his anus, he proudly...
Chocolate Lollipop

Chocolate Lollipop

10 Mar 23


30 Dec 22
On a business trip away during the holidays, Yoshi checks into his hotel. But he can't think of work when his cock-starved hole is demanding attention. Horny, he plays with his hottest toys but that can't reach his itch. He invites a guy over to get the real thing. The visitor rips into Yoshi's underwear to give him a slick deep fist, then two at...

Face Melter

09 Dec 22
With Erebo chilling in his easy chair, Yoshi's on his knees on the floor, wondering how best to please the hot bearded stud. He rocks forward to give Erebo a sweet kiss, but we know this is not where this story ends. Yoshi nuzzles his buddy's swelling crotch, pulls the big uncut dick out of his shorts and begins sucking. Erebo obliges and yanks...


19 Aug 22

Storage Bitch

03 Dec 21
When Master gives his command, there is nothing but for the slave to listen and happily obey. Yoshi has been kept chained in captivity, existing only to please his master. Master pays his regular visit to Yoshi in the storage, where he belongs. Seeing him, Yoshi immediately licks his master’s sneakers to show his proper gratitude. The master...