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Storage Bitch

03 Dec 21
When Master gives his command, there is nothing but for the slave to listen and happily obey. Yoshi has been kept chained in captivity, existing only to please his master. Master pays his regular visit to Yoshi in the storage, where he belongs. Seeing him, Yoshi immediately licks his master’s sneakers to show his proper gratitude. The master...

Lewd Awakening

20 Aug 21
There are times it's great to have a flatmate, for example when you need someone to give you a wakeup in the morning. Yoshi's flatmate goes the extra distance when he goes into the bedroom to wake him up on time. Seeing Yoshi face down in bed in a union suit with buttonfly booty, he unbuttons the fly and begins softly caressing Yoshi's ass. When...


28 May 21
In this dick-tickling POV hookup, Yoshi interrupts ramming sex toys up his hungry hole to ask the cameraman to help out. The intrepid videographer never misses a beat, wrecking Yoshi's cunt with punches and big dildos while he holds the camera to document every thrust. He breeds his load into Yoshi's open hole then keeps on fisting the insatiable...

A Helping Hand

19 Mar 21
Yoshi is having regular solo fun with his dildos but it just wasn't enough for him. With a little help from the cameraman, Yoshi finally gets his hungry pussy satisfied. POV style!
Piss POV

Piss POV

07 Jul 20