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Drainage Excavation

20 Oct 23
Wataru’s quite new to the fisting scene, but anxious to experience it. Blindfolded with legs spread wide, he waits nervously to lose his fisting bottom virginity. Yoshi steps out of the dark, teasing Wataru by licking his entire body. Wataru's body trembles each time Yoshi’s tongue unexpectedly slides across a new erogenous zone. Wataru warmed...


11 Aug 23
Yoshi is cruising in a lush grove adjacent to the sand dunes when he spots hot fucker Kody McCree who is hungry for a hookup. Alive with the sound of chirping birds, it's a perfect place for horned-up men to meet and mate. When they find each other, there's no wasting time. They kiss passionately, then Kody moves down to lick Yoshi's plump...

Great Stuff

28 Jul 23
Yoshi's alone with an array of toys from Crackstuffers. Worshipping them one by one, he imagines each one destroying his voracious hole. He lubes the toys, gagging on them, drenching them in spit. Starting out, he rides on a long knotted dildo. Each knot his ass swallows stimulates a new and different part of his hungry pussy. Yoshi growls and...

Snap Up Pt.1

21 Jul 23
When traveling Yoshi stops by Brussels' notorious Spit It Out sex shop, he's looking for fetish gear, but keeping an eye open for whatever hot opportunity might turn up. When he goes into a secluded fitting room, he notices helpful and hungry staff member Leon Chevalier peering at him through a half-open curtain. Yoshi plays with his nipples to...


30 Jun 23
Yoshi's blindfolded, tied and immobilized with ropes around his legs and dick. Recently fucked and bred, the cum still leaks out of his loose hole. Now that the top is satisfied for the moment, he lets Yoshi touch his own dick to jerk off. The cumdump bottom is already hard. The top insults him and stuffs a pair of dirty underwear into his lowly...