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Hard Cock

Crushed I

15 Sep 23
Hung, built, masked, and stiff as a board with his dick pointing up, submissive aFFon stands bound to a St Andrew's Cross to please his master Lang. The dominant Lang strides in wearing a puppy mask, teasing and torturing aFFon's cock and pliant hole. He opens aFFon's ass with a rubber-gloved hand and fist as Yoshi and Axel join in. They chew...

Afternoon Delight

18 Aug 23
Hunky Japanese muscle daddy Shusaku is alone and horned up in his apartment. But with a hungry hole and a collection of oversized anal toys, you're never really alone. And he has all the time in the world to please his fuckhungry ache. One by one, the big plugs and dildos plow in as Shusaku sits on them or slides them in to destroy his hole. The...
Train Flasher

Train Flasher

04 Aug 23
Thick Dick Worship

Thick Dick Worship

23 Jun 23


18 May 23
Bronzed. built and hung like a beast, clean-cut Asian bull Tantan Evan has found just what he's looking for in submissive Japanese whore Yoshi Kawasaki. Starting slow with passionate kisses, it doesn't take long for Yoshi to warm up and begin worshipping Tantan's big thick tool. The tough top pushes Yoshi down to the couch and rams into his...

Muscle Relaxants Pt.2

07 Apr 23
Yoshi gets a two-man "happy ending" to his muscle relaxer massage as Felipe continues. José Quevedo steps in to feed Yoshi his stiff cock, while Felipe eats out his ravenous ass. When Yoshi's sphincter relaxes, José pounds him from the front and behind. Now it's Felipe's turn to ram into that well-fucked hole. He breeds his wad deep inside....
Chocolate Lollipop

Chocolate Lollipop

10 Mar 23

Open Invitation

10 Feb 23
A swarthy, sexy Brazilian stud, John Brachalli, steps into Yoshi’s room, confidently flipping the "Do not disturb" sign. Yoshi welcomes him on the bed, all fours and ass up. John wastes no time, drilling his tongue into Yoshi’s hungry ass. Plowing in raw, he pounds that hole with his big dick until Yoshi’s juicy hole loosens up. He slides...