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Hard Cock

Boiler Room

23 Feb 24
Hunky hairy Japanese lad Rio douches his hole in a glass shower, his dick hard as steel. He reaches down and beats his rock hard meat, twists his nips, then lubes up a dildo to stick into his clean fresh asshole. Squatting down, he impales himself on the thick toy. His hand moving the dildo faster, he lets out a moan that echoes across the shower...


16 Feb 24
Yoshi invited Hayato, a Japanese jock from a hookup app, over for a quickie. Hayato only plays safe and Yoshi's the opposite, but this lustful bitch just needs dick and cum in his ass. When Hayato comes in, even before taking his jacket off, he starts rimming Yoshi’s open and hungry hole. The horny bitch smells his manly sweaty dick and sucks on...

Puppet Master

09 Feb 24
Even after wrecking each other’s holes, Dee Dungeon and Yoshi aren’t close to being done yet. Now's The Fist Trainer’s chance to impale them deeper. He invites the 2 pigs to smell his armpits then puts them in their places, heads down / asses up. No need to loosen them up, their sloppy holes can take anything. So he doesn’t hold back. The...
Bitch Kebab

Bitch Kebab

12 Jan 24


15 Dec 23
Preparing for a wet, sticky scene, inked up Asian muscle daddy Damian Dragon and his tatted son Yoshi splatter a thick coat of oily black goo over their heads, soon coating their entire bodies in shiny black gunge. Hands reach down to jerk each other's swelling tools, and Damian chews on the ring through Yoshi's gleaming black nipple. Lying...

Zentai Sentai

03 Nov 23
Shusaku and Kenta step inside, clad in spandex zentai, Kenta in a crotchless black bodystocking and hood, Shusaku in gleaming sliver. A pair of dickhungry superheroes dressed for action. Super sentai, or sentai for short, is Japanese for superhero team in full spandex bodysuits. This epic team drill each other’s holes with a superhero fury....

Zentai Hentai

29 Sep 23
Hentai is a term meaning extreme or "way-out sex, and has come to be identified with anime. And zentai is a skintight bodysuit that would certainly suit playing around with your extreme sexual desires and drives. The horny zentai-clad Kenta, bathed in pink light, lies back surrounded by a wonderland of anal sex toys to please all his hot desires....

Crushed I

15 Sep 23
Hung, built, masked, and stiff as a board with his dick pointing up, submissive aFFon stands bound to a St Andrew's Cross to please his master Lang. The dominant Lang strides in wearing a puppy mask, teasing and torturing aFFon's cock and pliant hole. He opens aFFon's ass with a rubber-gloved hand and fist as Yoshi and Axel join in. They chew...