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Lewd Awakening

20 Aug 21
There are times it's great to have a flatmate, for example when you need someone to give you a wakeup in the morning. Yoshi's flatmate goes the extra distance when he goes into the bedroom to wake him up on time. Seeing Yoshi face down in bed in a union suit with buttonfly booty, he unbuttons the fly and begins softly caressing Yoshi's ass. When...


09 Apr 21
In the day time, they act like a regular couple but once the sun sets, they reveal their true selves, promiscuous beasts. Small penis humiliation, Fisting, Wet and Messy…Kinako places Yoshi where a good sub boy belongs.

You Are What You Eat

01 Jan 21
Yoshi is not picky when it comes to... well... anything. And food is no exception. Sweet corn, tomato, bitter melon, egg plant, konjac. Once he’s stuffed with them, it’s time to push it all out.

Ep.5 "Intake"

16 Oct 20
Yoshi cooks a dinner for two. They are both pretty hungry but Yosh's pussy is starving! Pasta, milk, tomato, sausage...He is not a picky eater. This is fifth episode of 'Lockdown', a new series co-produced by Axel Abysse.

Orgasmic Salad

11 Sep 20
One beautiful summer day in Tokyo, Yoshi is enjoying a picnic with freshly-bought organic dildos and all natural lube.