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Bird Cage

07 Oct 22
Ricky's new to YoshiKawasakiXXX.com, but he knows his way around a cock, especially his own. He's lying down, horny as a dog in heat. He reaches down, starts stroking his dick. When he touches his nipples, a shock of excitement travels straight to his crotch. Ricky gets even harder, kneeling with one hand against the window. Edging, he tries his...

Human Ranch

10 Jun 22
Traveling, Yoshi submits himself to a mysterious masked stranger who introduces him to the dark lair of the Human Ranch. Blindfolded and bound, he relishes the erotic torment of the masked man who toys with his powerful libido. Immobile and erect, Yoshi gets his nipples sucked and his cock edged for a hot session that ends with him finally allowed...

Love Potion

11 Mar 22
Daddy Shusaku and his boy Kenchi relax on the bed in their traditional fundoshi. When Shusaku pours out a warms stream of massage oil onto Kenchi's lean muscles, formality explodes into passion. Daddy's hand creeps under the fundoshi pouch onto the thick bulge of Kenchi's cock and nuts, and his lips and fingers explore every inch of his handsome...