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Double Fisting

Crushed III

27 Oct 23
The fucksome foursome, aFFon, Axel, Land and Yoshi, take their uninhibited, perverse action literally to the next level when aFFON and Lang turn the tables to punch the holes of Axel and Yoshi on the staircase. Using both arms, aFFON fists the two horny pigs in chariot stance. And in a scorching hot fisting line, all four fuckers stand one after...

One Take

05 May 23
May 28th,2022. Brussels, Belgium. Axel and Yoshi take the stage for a live sex show in an unusual venue. Onstage at SNAP! festival and conference, Sex workers Narratives Arts & Politics, a “festival entirely dedicated to the discourses, representations and issues related to sex work,” Yoshi and Axel perform a fisting and sex performance...


30 Dec 22
On a business trip away during the holidays, Yoshi checks into his hotel. But he can't think of work when his cock-starved hole is demanding attention. Horny, he plays with his hottest toys but that can't reach his itch. He invites a guy over to get the real thing. The visitor rips into Yoshi's underwear to give him a slick deep fist, then two at...

Smokin' Fags Pt.2

14 Oct 22
Horny FF pigs Yoshi and Georgi have only gotten started as they move to a vacant sex sling in TImE oFF. Georgi takes the lead. With Yoshi lying back in the sling, Georgi proceeds to demolish his well warmed-up hole. He bulges Yoshi's belly from the inside, makes the piss stream out like a tap. Yoshi's played-out hole opens up into a huge prolapse....