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15 Dec 23
Preparing for a wet, sticky scene, inked up Asian muscle daddy Damian Dragon and his tatted son Yoshi splatter a thick coat of oily black goo over their heads, soon coating their entire bodies in shiny black gunge. Hands reach down to jerk each other's swelling tools, and Damian chews on the ring through Yoshi's gleaming black nipple. Lying...

Crushed V

08 Dec 23
As the finale of our five-part, four-man fuck-o-rama unfolds, Axel, aFFon and Yoshi are stacked with asses out, still ready for action on a tall iron rack. Just below, Lang lies down and looks up to admire the meaty butts, his tongue wagging in anticipation. A river of sticky lube leaks out of the three asses above onto Lang's muscular chest....

Midas Touch

04 Nov 22
Yoshi and Keita gild each others' hot bodies in shimmering gold paint in this wet, messy scene. Beginning slowly and softly, they kiss, caress, tweak each others' nipples and slide down to suck cocks. Once they're gilded from head to toe, Keita makes the first move, fucking Yoshi's golden pussy vigorously from every angle, standing and sitting....

Fist Fighters

29 Apr 22
The atmosphere crackles in a crowded Asian nightclub. Two warriors clad as game characters take the stage, ready for a display of bare-knuckled combat. Epic music pulsates through the crowd. But Yoshi and Axel Abysse are here with fists raised, not as instruments of violence, but of passion. They drop their cloaks and circle each other warily....

Dirty Mind: Ball Play

18 Feb 22
Jin and Yoshi are covered in goo. Even after slime play, it seems that wasn’t enough for the deviant. Now it’s time to play with some balls. Jin takes out a gelatine ball and slides that into Yoshi’s gooey pussy. Yoshi's not satisfied with just one and begs for more. Jin pops more balls into Yoshi and he moans louder. Then Jin injects...


24 Dec 21
Daddy Shusaku and his boy Yoshi get covered in silver gunge. Their bodies take on its gleaming colour as they become metallic creatures. They feel their way around each other’s silvery bodies and fuck each other. Shusaku fists his boy with his big chunky hand. Yoshi screams in pleasure as though he'd never taken such a big meaty fist before....