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Kinbaku - Milk | 緊縛 -搾

26 Nov 21
Being bound and immobilized for sex is not everyone's cup of tea, but putting full control of his stiff dick into Yoshi's caring and masterful hands is holepig Lawrence Knight's wet dream cum true. Tied up once more by Shibari master Encho, this time his dick is getting teased and edged, and not his hungry hole. With arms tied and immobile,...

Perfect Cocktail

12 Nov 21
It's "cocktail hour" in the big city when "Italian XLFF" arrives in Yoshi's hotel room to find him naked on black rubber sheets, bound with arms and legs taped up securely. Yoshi's offering his open cunt to mix up the perfect cocktail, and the hairy young Italian stud plunges his fist in to start stirring things up. That wide-open hole offers no...


08 Oct 21
A windy drive deep into quiet pristine seaside woods leads horny Yoshi and Axel into their own private summer paradise, 'Fister Island'. The sexual temperature rises even before they step out of the car, as cocks swell and stiffen in skimpy speedos. Ever the influencer, Axel catches all the debauchery on his phone, even as they baptize their trip,...

Double Whammy 2

27 Aug 21
In this second half of Double Whammy, the raunchy, hot tag team of Yoshi and Keita have their filthy way with the hungry, hairy white hole of Joel Daniels as things get loose and sloppy. Yoshi gets his dick slurped and slobbered by Joel and Keita. He strokes his cock tight up against Keita's, and Joel sits on both hard tools. His loose and wet...

Double Whammy 1

23 Jul 21
What's better than having a hot studboy use and abuse you till your hole is wide open and leaking out streams of sticky sperm? If you are a hot hairy Australian fag who never seems to get enough, like Joel Daniels, it's TWO studs teaming up on your holes from both sides and leaving you spent and (momentarily) satisfied. Beautiful Yoshi Kawasaki...

Pinch Hitter

04 Jun 21
Hunky baseball player Kenta lies tied up and powerless in a dark unfamiliar apartment. His humiliation and submission begins with a round of electric shocks to his nips and nuts. Then tormentor Yoshi pries open his mouth to gift him with a gob of spit. But Kenta is hard and turned on by the harsh treatment, his thick cock standing up straight and...

Eye In The Wall

26 Mar 21
Walls have ears, doors have eyes, and the hole swallows dicks, fists, even feet!

Slut Training

26 Feb 21
This fuckhole's sole purpose is to serve its owner's needs.

Into The Woods

05 Feb 21
Out in the wild, Joel finds two Japanese horny pigs. Not paying much attention to Joel, Yoshi and Shin keep minding their business...until Yoshi breeds Shin's tight pig hole.

Like Father Like Son

29 Jan 21
Daddy and boy behave the same way in certain things. Daddy Y-aSS and his boy Yoshi definitely share some similar qualities, their desire for fists, their wrecked rosebuds…Yoshi's growing rosebud is destined to become just like his daddy's plump rosebud!