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Analog vol. 4: Hermaphrodite

25 Feb 22
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 4
The subject is agitated. He appears to be going through some kind of mental and emotional metamorphosis, taking on distinct qualities of the species female. Clad in sexually suggestive feminized gear that draws attention to his erect genitals and swollen anal region, he...

Men In Lace

24 Sep 21
What's more hypermasculine than two tatted and pierced hipsters in satiny lace-trimmed panties, their bulging crotches and manly scents in stark relief to their frilly undergear? Seems contradictory, but it's truer than you might think, as Yoshi along with sports bra-clad Yusaku Kaga in this kinky interlude. Yoshi proffers a tender kiss as he...


21 May 21
Standing before a large mirror Yoshi, dressed in lacy lingerie and pumping his nipples with powerful suction cups, takes a moment to move past the strangeness of it all. As the erection wells up before him and an insatiable sex drive takes over, he takes his rock hard dick in hand. Mesmerised by the beauty and eroticism of his own reflection, he...