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Double Whammy 2

27 Aug 21
In this second half of Double Whammy, the raunchy, hot tag team of Yoshi and Keita have their filthy way with the hungry, hairy white hole of Joel Daniels as things get loose and sloppy. Yoshi gets his dick slurped and slobbered by Joel and Keita. He strokes his cock tight up against Keita's, and Joel sits on both hard tools. His loose and wet...

Double Whammy 1

23 Jul 21
What's better than having a hot studboy use and abuse you till your hole is wide open and leaking out streams of sticky sperm? If you are a hot hairy Australian fag who never seems to get enough, like Joel Daniels, it's TWO studs teaming up on your holes from both sides and leaving you spent and (momentarily) satisfied. Beautiful Yoshi Kawasaki...

Kinbaku -Fist-

02 Jul 21
Lawrence Knight is a Shibari pig who loves nothing more than being tied and immobilised for a session of hot kink. To give Lawrence what he so desperately needs, Yoshi enlists Shibari master Encho to bind him up perfectly. The pig's wrists are knotted and cuffed with rope up behind his head. His cock leaps into gear and swells from the attention....


07 May 21
Bathed in the surreal glitter of city lights through skyscraper windows, Axel and Yoshi bring their insatiable "curse" to an unsuspecting public. Clad in glossy latex, these two sexual entities go through an erotic tableau that starts with slobbery cocksuckers and escalates to rosebud rimming. Yoshi buries his face in the abyss of Axel's...


16 Apr 21
Puck Williams in a dark corner of the Tokyo's sleaziest sex club HAAARD, taking load after load. Today this dirty cumdump whore was targeted by 2 horny Asian men with throbbing cocks. Yoshi and Yusaku use him like a human flash light. But he still wants more...until he gets pregnant.

Eye In The Wall

26 Mar 21
Walls have ears, doors have eyes, and the hole swallows dicks, fists, even feet!

Into The Woods

05 Feb 21
Out in the wild, Joel finds two Japanese horny pigs. Not paying much attention to Joel, Yoshi and Shin keep minding their business...until Yoshi breeds Shin's tight pig hole.

EP.8 "Liberation"

25 Dec 20
The quarantine has finally been lifted. The two pigs get out of their room for the first time in forever, they take full advantage of being outside. They put a show fully exposed, double punching one another. This is the final episode of ‘Lockdown’, a new series co-produced with Axel Abysse.

Special Treatment Pt.2

04 Dec 20
Yoshi visits his favourite masseur (@Sensual_Rubs) for his regular massage. But the masseur had another plan. He invited 3 strangers to give this man pussy a full body rubdown.

Ep.7 "Scum"

27 Nov 20
It's totally natural to lose your mind after months and months of lockdown. Axel tied to a chair, he is now Yoshi's Toy. Yoshi treats Axel like a piece of meat. Nipple torture, double fisting, fisting flip flop...They have become complete deviants. This is seventh episode of 'Lockdown', a new series co-produced by Axel Abysse.