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Crushed I

15 Sep 23
Hung, built, masked, and stiff as a board with his dick pointing up, submissive aFFon stands bound to a St Andrew's Cross to please his master Lang. The dominant Lang strides in wearing a puppy mask, teasing and torturing aFFon's cock and pliant hole. He opens aFFon's ass with a rubber-gloved hand and fist as Yoshi and Axel join in. They chew...

Snap Up Pt.2

25 Aug 23
In fisting, turnabout is fun play. Now Yoshi gets his turn to pay back Leon Chevalier's excellent customer service. Before he loosens up Leon's hairy hole, Yoshi takes a moment to sniff around his sweaty ass. His slick fingers disappear into the hairy cavern one by one, and his whole fist inspires a deep growl from Leon when it enters his cunt....


11 Aug 23
Yoshi is cruising in a lush grove adjacent to the sand dunes when he spots hot fucker Kody McCree who is hungry for a hookup. Alive with the sound of chirping birds, it's a perfect place for horned-up men to meet and mate. When they find each other, there's no wasting time. They kiss passionately, then Kody moves down to lick Yoshi's plump...

Snap Up Pt.1

21 Jul 23
When traveling Yoshi stops by Brussels' notorious Spit It Out sex shop, he's looking for fetish gear, but keeping an eye open for whatever hot opportunity might turn up. When he goes into a secluded fitting room, he notices helpful and hungry staff member Leon Chevalier peering at him through a half-open curtain. Yoshi plays with his nipples to...

In The Cock Loft

07 Jul 23
Clad in a spandex catsuit, horned-up Yoshi plays with himself in an abandoned attic. Two top fuckers, Fetish Dom Berlin and ItalianXLFF, stride in to begin teasing Yoshi. Kneeling down, he chokes on their oversized fucktools. Their dicks are slick and wet, covered in Yoshi's saliva. The cockstarved bottom gets spitroasted, wedged between Fetish...
Thick Dick Worship

Thick Dick Worship

23 Jun 23

Right People, Right Place

16 Jun 23
Axel and Yoshi’s fisting show at Crackstuffers booth in Darklands 2022. Being watched and filmed by surrounded by hundreds of kinkstars, Yoshi and Axel stuff each other’s cracks with fists and huge toys. Having sex for the first time with a stranger can be undeniably hot, but there's definitely something about fucking with a longtime buddy...

Anal Respiration

09 Jun 23
When brawny macho stud, Spaniard Thiago Boss, finds Yoshi in a sex club, sparks fly and the atmosphere becomes electric. Wasting no time on foreplay, Thiago rams his meaty fist into Yoshi's hungry cunt doggy style, opening him up for the next act. His short pummeling strokes open Yoshi's pussy wide, and his rosy guts are out in the open for public...

One Take

05 May 23
May 28th,2022. Brussels, Belgium. Axel and Yoshi take the stage for a live sex show in an unusual venue. Onstage at SNAP! festival and conference, Sex workers Narratives Arts & Politics, a “festival entirely dedicated to the discourses, representations and issues related to sex work,” Yoshi and Axel perform a fisting and sex performance...

Muscle Relaxants Pt.2

07 Apr 23
Yoshi gets a two-man "happy ending" to his muscle relaxer massage as Felipe continues. José Quevedo steps in to feed Yoshi his stiff cock, while Felipe eats out his ravenous ass. When Yoshi's sphincter relaxes, José pounds him from the front and behind. Now it's Felipe's turn to ram into that well-fucked hole. He breeds his wad deep inside....