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Impact Play

Kinbaku -Torment-

14 Apr 23
Shibari master Encho prepares the ropes for Ricky, his next prey. Ricky's a tattooed Japanese muscle stud clad in a simple black thong. First his arms are bound, tied behind his back. His muscular pecs are tightly bound and held down. Trying to maintain a blank expression, Ricky's inner anxiety shows through the bravado, he worries what's about to...
I Love You, Daddy

I Love You, Daddy

31 Mar 23

Kinbaku -Moan-

03 Feb 23
Model Keita has enjoyed being bound up in ropes before. But this time's a challenge. With shibari master Encho the one tying him up, Keita's a little nervous. His breath grows faster. Encho's inherent sadism takes over as he begins to revel in his shibari specimen's anxious panting. Once he has Keita suspended in the air, Encho controls his sub's...
SLICK Live Show

SLICK Live Show

09 Sep 22


28 Aug 20
2 Japanese mistresses Hinako and Kinako get their puppets Yoshi and Axel tied and ready. Shibari, wax, impact play, fisting…A Japanese tale where where tradition meets debauchery and pain grows into delight.