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Flip Flop


24 Dec 21
Daddy Shusaku and his boy Yoshi get covered in silver gunge. Their bodies take on its gleaming colour as they become metallic creatures. They feel their way around each other’s silvery bodies and fuck each other. Shusaku fists his boy with his big chunky hand. Yoshi screams in pleasure as though he'd never taken such a big meaty fist before....


08 Oct 21
A windy drive deep into quiet pristine seaside woods leads horny Yoshi and Axel into their own private summer paradise, 'Fister Island'. The sexual temperature rises even before they step out of the car, as cocks swell and stiffen in skimpy speedos. Ever the influencer, Axel catches all the debauchery on his phone, even as they baptize their trip,...


10 Sep 21
Kenchi is no stranger to porn or the Japanese kink scene, but he's making his debut here with Yoshi. He's a goodlooking bottom who can take fist like a pro. Yoshi breaks in the new guy's tight pussy with some slow deep punches from both hands. After a friendly kiss it's Kenchi's turn. Yoshi kneels on the couch, groaning as Kenchi fists his...


12 Mar 21
When 2 Japanese horn-dogs, Keita and Hiroya, are in one room naturally they take no time to get down to business. Once Keita finishes in Hiroya's ass, it's time to switch. Raw flip flop fuck is the best of both worlds!

Like Father Like Son

29 Jan 21
Daddy and boy behave the same way in certain things. Daddy Y-aSS and his boy Yoshi definitely share some similar qualities, their desire for fists, their wrecked rosebuds…Yoshi's growing rosebud is destined to become just like his daddy's plump rosebud!

EP.8 "Liberation"

25 Dec 20
The quarantine has finally been lifted. The two pigs get out of their room for the first time in forever, they take full advantage of being outside. They put a show fully exposed, double punching one another. This is the final episode of ‘Lockdown’, a new series co-produced with Axel Abysse.

Ep.1 "Careless"

24 Jul 20
An evening in the urinals... Axel and Yoshi trash and wreck each other at Haaard, Tokyo’s sleaziest cruising club. They won’t go home until total exhaustion, not knowing what would happen to them after... This is the first episode of 'Lockdown', a new series co-produced with Axel Abysse.