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Analog vol.5: rehabilitation

27 Jan 23
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 5 January 27th, 2023 The subject is at home. A rectal injury in July 2022 precluded any play with his ever-hungry hole. Finally fully healed, his libido is greedy as ever. He tears up his tracksuit pants to reveal his hairless pussy. With an abundance of care, he begins play with his smallest dildo. Less massive than...
Suits Train Wank

Suits Train Wank

21 Oct 22

Bird Cage

07 Oct 22
Ricky's new to YoshiKawasakiXXX.com, but he knows his way around a cock, especially his own. He's lying down, horny as a dog in heat. He reaches down, starts stroking his dick. When he touches his nipples, a shock of excitement travels straight to his crotch. Ricky gets even harder, kneeling with one hand against the window. Edging, he tries his...
Street Pisser

Street Pisser

30 Sep 22

Balls Out

26 Aug 22
On a hot, sunny Tokyo afternoon, Hiroya steps out onto a large balcony to catch some rays. Sweaty and horned-up, he lies back with one hand on his big hard dick and another reaching for his nips. Just above a busy public street, he's visible to passersby and neighbors and he knows it as he strips naked and starts jerking. Any natural exhibitionist...

In Heat

29 Jul 22
In the heat of summer, Yoshi's insatiable hole and raging cock kick into high gear. Tanning naked on a rooftop open to public view, exhibitionism takes over to make his dick rock hard. Crowds on the city streets and sidewalks below and construction workers busy at their jobs can see him jerking. Shy and crouched down at first, Yoshi stands up...
Beach Bums

Beach Bums

22 Jul 22


08 Oct 21
A windy drive deep into quiet pristine seaside woods leads horny Yoshi and Axel into their own private summer paradise, 'Fister Island'. The sexual temperature rises even before they step out of the car, as cocks swell and stiffen in skimpy speedos. Ever the influencer, Axel catches all the debauchery on his phone, even as they baptize their trip,...