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SBN Backstage

SBN Backstage

22 Mar 24

Total Destruction

15 Mar 24
Erebo and Yoshi meet up again for a hot nasty session. But this time Erebo's here to completely wreck Yoshi’s hole. Yoshi's short crop-top reveals his stretched balls and voracious hole. Erebo wastes no time loosening it up with his tongue and fingers. His sloppy hole easily swallows Erebo’s fist. Knowing how hungry Yoshi is, Erebro double...

It Takes Two

08 Mar 24
Marcel Eugene, a well-hung muscle stallion from the U.S., meets Yoshi, a Japanese cock-hungry bitch. Knowing they can be seen through the window, they’re putting on a show for everyone. The window's thin glass can't keep their loud, guttural groans inside. They start with a passionate kiss while Marcel caresses Yoshi’s ass. Yoshi sucks and...


16 Feb 24
Yoshi invited Hayato, a Japanese jock from a hookup app, over for a quickie. Hayato only plays safe and Yoshi's the opposite, but this lustful bitch just needs dick and cum in his ass. When Hayato comes in, even before taking his jacket off, he starts rimming Yoshi’s open and hungry hole. The horny bitch smells his manly sweaty dick and sucks on...


19 Jan 24
What better place than an underground fetish bar like Commander D in Taiwan for fisting pigs Yoshi and Axel Abysse to take the stage for a sleazy night of performance and audience participation? When the camera rolls, we first see an excited audience waiting for the show. Engulfed in spit, kisses, smelly armpits, rimming and breath control, the...


15 Dec 23
Preparing for a wet, sticky scene, inked up Asian muscle daddy Damian Dragon and his tatted son Yoshi splatter a thick coat of oily black goo over their heads, soon coating their entire bodies in shiny black gunge. Hands reach down to jerk each other's swelling tools, and Damian chews on the ring through Yoshi's gleaming black nipple. Lying...

Zentai Sentai

03 Nov 23
Shusaku and Kenta step inside, clad in spandex zentai, Kenta in a crotchless black bodystocking and hood, Shusaku in gleaming sliver. A pair of dickhungry superheroes dressed for action. Super sentai, or sentai for short, is Japanese for superhero team in full spandex bodysuits. This epic team drill each other’s holes with a superhero fury....

Drainage Excavation

20 Oct 23
Wataru’s quite new to the fisting scene, but anxious to experience it. Blindfolded with legs spread wide, he waits nervously to lose his fisting bottom virginity. Yoshi steps out of the dark, teasing Wataru by licking his entire body. Wataru's body trembles each time Yoshi’s tongue unexpectedly slides across a new erogenous zone. Wataru warmed...

Snap Up Pt.2

25 Aug 23
In fisting, turnabout is fun play. Now Yoshi gets his turn to pay back Leon Chevalier's excellent customer service. Before he loosens up Leon's hairy hole, Yoshi takes a moment to sniff around his sweaty ass. His slick fingers disappear into the hairy cavern one by one, and his whole fist inspires a deep growl from Leon when it enters his cunt....