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Cleaning Crew

06 May 22
Chiseled, handsome stud Hiroya is the last one you'd expect to have a hot, filthy side, needing a cleanup slave to lick away the dirty. Relaxing on the bed, he gets oral service to clean every inch of his lean sexy body from dirty locked-up pig Yoshi. Starting at Hiroya's smooth muscular legs, Yoshi revels in the musky smell of dirty socks, bare...

Analog vol. 4: Hermaphrodite

25 Feb 22
Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 4
The subject is agitated. He appears to be going through some kind of mental and emotional metamorphosis, taking on distinct qualities of the species female. Clad in sexually suggestive feminized gear that draws attention to his erect genitals and swollen anal region, he...

A Helping Hand

19 Mar 21
Yoshi is having regular solo fun with his dildos but it just wasn't enough for him. With a little help from the cameraman, Yoshi finally gets his hungry pussy satisfied. POV style!